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Energy education program
For Estonian schools
5th to 12th grade
Join us as
Our mission is to raise young people's awareness of energy consumption and global warming.

We are raising a generation that has extensive knowledge in the field of energy, can solve problems in the energy and other fields in the future, and helps to achieve the goals of climate neutrality.
enerhack mission
1. Achieving the climate neutrality goals by 2050
Together we will solve
problems of modern energy
2. GLObal warming
3. Weakness in energy awareness among both adults and children
4. How to apply energy knowledge in other fields (IT, politics, architecture and engineering, environmental engineering, machine learning, etc.)
5. Energy and materials recovery
What does the study program look like?
Target group
5th - 12th grades
Energy lesson
once a week
(35 times a school year)
Practical lessons with tours and gadgets
Every year we supplement the program with new data + technologies
Sample program and module
We are all responsible for shaping a future where everyone understands the importance of their actions.
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