What do we do in Enerhack Education project?
Via different activities we raise awareness of young generation in energy and engineering field
  • Energy workshops
    Enerhack specialists have developed several practical experiments which can be used to conduct exciting children's workshops. Workshops are very suitable for company events
  • Energy subject in schools
    We have developed a program for the subject of energy, which is intended for children aged 12 - 18 years. We deliver this subject both locally in schools and on the online platform
  • Energy intensive course
    During one week, school students from visit the campus of university, where a comprehensive overview of energy will be given, the learning will be mainly through practical experiments
  • Energy trips
    We organise energy trips for young people to various objects so that the new generation can get an idea of real energy objects - renewable energy sources, conventional power plants and boiler houses, etc.
Feedback from the participants
  • "I highly recommend this course, because this course has been the most interesting in 3 years"

    "Seemed interesting. Lots of practice and less theory"

    "Because it seemed like an exciting topic and the subject is taught by a good teacher, in addition to that I wanted to be away from school for once and TalTech seemed like the perfect place for that"
    12.grade student
  • "At times I was interested in the topic of energy, and there are opportunities for further education here (for a highly paid and necessary position)"

    "Everything, how it was carried out and learned a lot about the topics, and there was practice as well as guests who talked about their field."
    12.grade student
  • "I liked everything. the teachers were nice, the practice was interesting and the whole week itself was very tip-top"

    "And, just go, you won't regret it! Totally nice"
    12.grade student
  • "Within the course, I got a better understanding of where I want to go in the future and what options I have."

    "I recommend it. University life is quite different from high school life. Second, this subject/topic (thermal energy) is super cool."
    12.grade student
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